Friday, August 20, 2010

Little chefs

I make all of the little guy's baby food.  It's pretty simple- I just cut up and steam vegetables or fruit gotten from the local farmer's market, then puree in the blender with a little of the water used for steaming (or fresh water for the carrots due to nitrate levels).

I can't believe I didn't do this for the first two children when they were babies.  It's much more economical and better for the environment than buying jarred food, and I like using organic produce.

Little momma and the big guy wanted to help make the little guy's food.  They requested to help make the pureed carrots on this week's menu.  Because the carrots were huge, we only needed to peel and steam 2 of them to make a few days worth.

Here they are peeling, cutting and steaming the carrots:

I love that they get such joy out of making the baby's food.  They really are great helpers.  And here's the little guy enjoying the finished product:

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