Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dress Envy

     I heart this dress.  Love the color, love the pintuck ruffles, love the red shoes with it.  It appeals to the vintage lover in me, and I like that it looks somewhat demure librarian, yet somewhat naughty secretary.  All it needs is a cute little red handbag and a pair of bookish glasses to complete the look.
    Don't ask me where I would wear this ensemble.  Walking the kids to school?  Out picking up groceries at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?  At home as I unload the dishwasher or change baby's diaper?  Perhaps out on one of my thrift store jaunts?  No, sadly, it would be a special occasion dress, i.e. hubby and I hired a babysitter so we can actually have a (gasp!) date night.  And I'd have to ditch the glasses so as not to look too Jane Hathaway. 
    But I do heart that dress.  I may have to thrift a dress and embellish with pintuck ruffles to achieve the look.  I think I've just been inspired to do my first up-cycle project.  Thrift shops, here I come!

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