Friday, December 24, 2010

Handmade Holiday

 Last year, I decided to personally make all the Christmas gifts we were giving out.  Because we had a new baby in the house, I kept it simple and baked cookies for everyone.  I wanted to do another handmade holiday this year, but oh, how quickly Christmas snuck up on me!  I had all these wonderful intentions but didn't realize that a one year old toddling around the house would take up so much of my time.
     I managed to get out some of the gifts, sending homemade shortbread cookies (found here) to my family with a cousin traveling home to the New Orleans area for the holidays.  I also sent with him a couple of VERY late birthday presents (we're talking March and August birthdays).
     As soon as I finish the other presents which are works in progress, I should start next year's gifts if I want to have a hope of finishing them in time!

     Here's our Christmas tree.  We had a small tree last year and liked it a lot.  We decided to have another small tree this year so we could keep it out of reach from baby's grabby hands.  



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